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This site has been created to document the things made in the Washburn Shops. 

Made in the Washburn Shops

"In March of 1867, Ichabod Washburn, founder of Washburn Shops, made a proposal to the Technical Institute's trustees to establish what he called a "Department of Practical Mechanism". Ichabod Washburn hoped to raise the class of mechanics and improve their knowledge and independence. To help establish the department he proposed, Washburn generously gifted the trustees with a new building (Washburn Shops), equipment for it, and an endowment. The department was meant to balance education in the school with practical, hands-on education in the Shops."
If you made something in the Washburn Shops, post a brief comment and include a picture of the item you made in the I made this  section of the site.  If you own something, or just have a picture of something, that was made by someone else in the Shops please post a description and a picture in the I've seen this section of the site. 

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